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The two tenders formed part of Algeria's national plan to install 15,000 MW of solar capacity by 2035.

gas crisis

LNG dependence has exposed the dark side of Bangladesh’s energy security over the past several months, in a country experiencing a severe gas crisis.

German LNG

The call comes amid the rapid expansion of German LNG import capacity in the wake of the Ukraine war.

offshore wind

The Netherlands wants to achieve 21 GW offshore of wind capacity by the end of 2031, a target deemed ambitious yet achievable. All eyes are now on the country’s next offshore wind tender which will take place at the end of February.

EU methane

The landmark legislation will require companies to measure and quantify both their source- and site-level EU methane emissions for the first time.

sustainable aviation fuels

The UK government has set a sustainable aviation fuels target of 10% jet fuel from sustainable feedstocks by 2025, which amounts to 1.2 million tonnes/year.

Shell Nigeria

Shell has sold its Nigerian subsidiary to a local consortium for $2.4 billion, exiting onshore, prompting experts to raise environmental and legal concerns.

Vietnam power

The government has been trying to clean up Vietnam's power sector, but is facing considerable self-inflicted problems.


Venezuela is poised to lock in oil and gas supply to Caribbean neighbours in spite of a flare-up in tensions with the United States, which is threatening to restore crippling sanctions on Caracas.

Indonesia energy

Whoever wins the Indonesian election this month will have his plate full dealing with energy prices, regulation and the energy transition.


Over-reliance on CCS in decarbonisation plans might prolong the role of fossil fuels in economies, experts warned.


The White House said it was freezing permit approvals for all new proposed U.S. LNG export projects, citing a need to overhaul the regulatory process. Climate groups called it a “massive win.”

Climate litigation

A Woodside-Santos merger would nearly consolidate Australia’s LNG sector and become a force in the LNG industry globally.

Israel Gaza

The Gulf states remain relatively insulated from the Israel Gaza war, but heightened geopolitical tensions come as governments try to attract foreign direct investment.

Uganda energy

Uganda’s new energy transition plan marks progress but emissions reductions efforts could be complicated by the planned East African Crude Oil Pipeline, experts told Gas Outlook.

Africa LNG

African LNG development continues to run into delays owing to various factors including a lack of investment, security issues and poor infrastructure.


There is commercial momentum for another half dozen U.S. LNG projects, according to analysts. But environmental groups are ratcheting up the pressure on President Biden to halt new permits.

Belt & Road Initiative

China’s Belt & Road Initiative has been making a hard pivot from fossil fuel project investment to more renewables in recent years.


Japan has vast wind power potential that remains undeveloped, especially floating offshore, a recent report found.

Germany gas

A new Nigeria-Germany gas export deal has raised concerns about potential impact on decarbonisation targets.

bangladesh gas

Bangladesh’s gas production has dropped to a decade-low level amid continuous depletion of output and lax moves to ramp up extraction.

methane leaks

While using satellite imagery to quantify methane leaks from landfill sites, PhD student Emily Dowd made a remarkable discovery.

Calcasieu Pass LNG

Venture Global’s Calcasieu Pass LNG facility continues to spew air contaminants into the atmosphere as operational problems persist. The company wants to build more LNG terminals nearby.

gas flaring

An Africa Energy Chamber report advocates for Africa to minimise gas flaring, prioritise utilisation, impose penalties, and boost renewables.

Eastern Mediterranean

The ongoing conflict in Gaza has led to questions over the risk to existing and new natural gas projects in the Eastern Mediterranean.

buildings emissions

With buildings responsible for around 40% of EU energy consumption, a new agreement to phase out fossil fuels buildings emissions marks progress.

Israel gas

Israel’s gas market remains small, but in the decade before the war in Gaza began in October its growth was remarkable.


Australia and Norway announced at the COP28 summit earlier this month that they were joining the Clean Energy Transition Partnership (CETP), but concerns over signatories’ missing targets remain.


Utility regulators rejected renewable natural gas and hydrogen as climate solutions, and ordered gas utilities to align their investments with climate laws. That may force gas utilities towards electrification.

Asia LNG

The report confirms other recent studies that Southeast Asian LNG is not the environmentally-friendly green transition fuel once thought just a few years ago.

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