Two dozen LNG projects are in the works in the U.S., but the rush for gas is both a financial and a climate risk, according to two new reports.


A substantial gas export facility could be offline until later this year.


Russia has exported an estimated 63 billion euros worth of fossil fuels since the beginning of the Ukraine war, a new study shows. The EU imported 71% of this, highlighting the challenge Europe is facing in weaning itself off Russian energy – and gas in particular.

U.S. LNG exports are increasing as Europe searches for more energy supplies. But are more shipments abroad driving up prices at home?


Compared with other South American countries such as Brazil and Chile, Ecuador has lagged in adopting renewable energy.

Known for its pearl-white sands, Aruba is relinquishing its long reliance on imported heavy fuel oil in favour of natural gas from LNG – which it plans to use as a back-up for intermittent wind power.


In Versailles, European leaders agreed to a plan that phases out Russian energy “as fast as possible.” But is there a risk of locking in LNG?


Still a work in progress, the European Union and its member states are scrambling to replace Russian gas. With the economics increasingly favouring renewable energy, a faster energy transition is possible.


Cyprus has been a potential player on the East Mediterranean natural gas stage since the Aphrodite discovery in 2011, but a decade later there is still no indication of how or when its gas might reach either the domestic market or export destinations.

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