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Malaysia renewables

Malaysia renewables strategy downplays wind power

The Malaysian renewables sector got a major boost recently when Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company pledged to invest US$8bn, but solar and hydropower are still being prioritised over wind in the country.

Singapore hydrogen

Singapore hydrogen plans accused of greenwashing

Hydrogen development plans are making headway in Singapore and the new fuel has been called “low carbon” but Singapore’s hydrogen strategy is still opaque and it’s unclear to what extent it might contribute to decarbonization.

LNG demand

Asia to account for most LNG demand by 2050: conference

Asia is set to account for over 75% of the global LNG market by 2050, with LNG demand reaching over 500 million tonnes per year by that date, delegates heard.

China LNG

China LNG deals come at an environmental cost

A number of large Chinese LNG deals come at a time when the government also claims the country is on its way to reach net zero by 2060.

Bangladesh energy

Bangladesh energy crisis spurs pivot to Indian gas

Bangladesh Energy Minister Nasrul Hamid said in a Gas Outlook interview that the nation hopes to import around 500 mmcfd of re-gasified Indian LNG from 2025.

Indonesia energy

Indonesia energy sector grapples with net zero

The Indonesian energy sector is boosting its development of carbon capture storage and utilization at a time when it is also setting more ambitious net zero goals.

Taiwan wind

Threat of war could sideline Taiwan wind development

Taiwan’s wind power development is facing corporate, regulatory and geopolitical hurdles. Fossil fuels still meet around 98 percent of the nation’s energy needs.

Bangladesh LNG

Bangladesh LNG imports to treble: concerns mount

Energy experts and rights groups fear that mounting Bangladesh LNG import dependence might weaken its already strained economy.

Thai gas

Thai gas production ramps up, renewables waver

Thai gas production is stepping up despite national and international calls for the Southeast Asian nation to move away from fossil fuels.

gas in the Philippines

Offshore gas in the Philippines boosted, net zero a concern

The government, in spite of some recent progress with renewables contracting, still plans to drill for more gas in the Philippines, raising environmental concerns.

Japan LNG

Japan, LNG import king, blasted over greenwashing

Criticism is being levelled at Japan, LNG trailblazer, over what many claim is a false sustainability narrative and climate change greenwashing tactics.

gas demand

Gas demand could peak sooner than thought, research shows

The IEA recently revised down its gas demand forecast by 40 percent due to the war in Ukraine. Experts see a peak in gas demand just over the horizon.

ConocoPhillips agrees to buy LNG from Mexico Pacific

The deal between ConocoPhillips and Mexico Pacific adds further momentum to export Permian gas to Asia, via the Pacific Coast of Mexico.

Vietnam power

Vietnam power plan approved but problems remain

Vietnam’s power plan was approved after more than two years of delays, political bickering and a dozen various draft versions.

Philippine energy

Philippine energy sector still faces stubborn challenges

Efforts to change the Philippine energy sector are hitting obstacles, possibly jeopardizing the country’s goal to diversify its power sector and reduce its energy sector emissions.

Philippines energy

Corporate interests overshadow Philippines’ energy security

The Philippines’ energy sector has recently seen its first imported LNG shipment, but regulatory, market and financial complications persist.

LNG in asia

Gas, LNG in Asia challenged by cheaper wind, solar

Developers of gas and LNG in Asia, especially Southeast Asia, are being challenged by cheaper wind and solar production costs.

gas flaring

Talks over gas in Philippines, China an uphill struggle

Discussions over joint exploration of gas in Philippine- and Chinese-claimed waters face a mounting struggle amid increasing concerns over fossil fuel development.

High LNG prices may slow rapid Asia demand growth

A new report says that high prices may accelerate downward pressures on LNG demand, clouding long-term industry outlooks.


Philippines’ LNG drive runs into market dynamics

The Philippines is trying to revamp its power sector by building more gas to power projects along with several LNG import terminals, however there’s growing concern that LNG might not be the best option going forward.