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Biden breaks campaign promise with federal lands lease sale

Constrained by a court decision, the Biden administration said it would auction off land for new oil and gas drilling. But climate activists see the move as backtracking on climate progress

U.S. gas prices ratchet higher as exports increase

U.S. LNG exports are increasing as Europe searches for more energy supplies. But are more shipments abroad driving up prices at home?

Is Canada’s oil and gas emissions target enough?

After years of allowing the oil and gas sector to avoid emissions targets, Canada announced that it would impose a cap on the industry. But is it enough?

Ukraine war reignites US oil debate

Calls for more oil production in the U.S. are growing louder following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. But after years of losing money from aggressive drilling, companies are reluctant to return to old ways.

Global buyers start to shun Russian oil after U.S. ban

The U.S. ban on Russian oil imports may not mean all that much at first glance. But a combination of sanctions and ‘self-sanctions’ by companies globally is already disrupting the flow of Russian oil.