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Biomethane: from niche market to energy security fix?

Increasing concerns over security of gas supply have put biomethane in the spotlight as a potential alternative to Russian gas in Europe.

Ukraine war, prices jeopardize Thai climate goals

The Ukraine war and its impact on global energy prices is creating headwinds for Thailand and its climate goals.

Saudi Arabia’s net zero goals in the spotlight

Saudi Aramco says it hopes to achieve net zero SCOPE-1 and SCOPE-2 greenhouse gas emissions across its fully owned operations by 2050, but warns that achieving this in less than three decades will not be easy.

Energy transition in Tanzania constrained

To date, no wind, solar, or geothermal projects supply Tanzania’s national grid, its condition presenting an obstacle to significant renewables development.

Green hydrogen in SE Asia faces big hurdles

Southeast Asia, home to the 10-member Association of Southeast Asian Nations block, is playing catch-up in green hydrogen development. Other than Singapore, no members have included it in their respective energy policies, according to a recent report.

Report calls for staggered end to oil & gas

By 2030, rich countries which produce over a third of the world’s oil and gas must slash output by 74%, the report says.

China resists warnings over stranded gas asset risks

A massive expansion of China’s gas pipeline network threatens climate goals and creates a $89.1 billion stranded asset risk, showed a new survey, but some in the industry are not taking such warnings seriously.

Caribbean’s Aruba pivots to LNG as wind back-up

Known for its pearl-white sands, Aruba is relinquishing its long reliance on imported heavy fuel oil in favour of natural gas from LNG – which it plans to use as a back-up for intermittent wind power.

Europe seeks urgent break from Russian gas

In Versailles, European leaders agreed to a plan that phases out Russian energy “as fast as possible.” But is there a risk of locking in LNG?

Oman takes giant step towards energy transition

Against a backdrop of declining crude production, the Omani government has partnered with BP to target the widespread exploitation of renewables and hydrogen.

Ukraine war prompts new Europe energy plan

Moving with a speed that few observers would have previously thought possible, the EU on March 8 laid out its new energy strategy with a target to cut reliance on Russian gas by two thirds within a year.

Europe rethinks energy policy amidst Russia’s war in Ukraine

Still a work in progress, the European Union and its member states are scrambling to replace Russian gas. With the economics increasingly favouring renewable energy, a faster energy transition is possible.

Oil industry dealt procedural losses on climate litigation cases

A U.S. case brought against the oil industry was just sent back to state court, a scenario that the oil industry has spent years fighting to prevent. But whether climate litigation cases will move forward remains to be seen.

Which countries are most exposed to energy transition costs?

As the energy transition gathers pace it is clear that there will be a cost, at least in the short- to medium-term, for all countries but especially for poorer, oil-rich and energy-intensive nations.

AI gives oil and gas industry an eco-boost

The role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other digital technologies in improving the environmental footprint of oil and gas firms is becoming ever more crucial.

Japan’s climate goals spark uncertainty for global LNG

Japan’s 2050 Net Zero pledge and shorter-term climate goals have triggered increasing uncertainty around the country’s LNG demand outlook.

Germany opts for ‘cleaner’ turquoise hydrogen

Recently, ‘turquoise’ hydrogen has come to the fore in Germany as a novel climate-friendly alternative but experts say there needs to be a coordinated EU development strategy.

Experts urge caution as Africa invests in new oil, gas

As Africa continues to invest in new oil and gas projects, experts have urged caution and called upon the continent’s leaders to develop adequate clean energy technology.

Is Canada’s first major LNG project also its last?

British Columbia has high hopes for LNG growth, but some warn that say rising costs, policy changes and market risk could doom many projects.

Could Shell’s Cambo pull-out spell the end of North Sea oil?

Royal Dutch Shell took a landmark decision earlier this month to walk away from the Cambo oil field in the North Atlantic but is it too early to write off North Sea and other similar mature offshore provinces?

Can CCS infra be affordable but not a burden?

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) infrastructure must be as affordable as possible without becoming a burden, a U.S. government official told Gas Outlook.

Is the rising cost of carbon offsetting a problem?

As prices rise and regulation tightens around voluntary carbon offsets, their use by oil and gas companies to meet net zero targets will become more of a challenge.

How meaningful is North America’s methane pledge?

The leaders of the US, Mexico and Canada pledged last month to create a joint North American strategy on methane and black carbon, but energy experts are divided on its usefulness.

To hit climate targets, Nigeria must diversify economy, experts say

Nigeria’s lack of economic diversification might put it at odds with achieving recently-set climate goals, making a move into increasingly affordable renewables production a priority, say experts.

Will methane regulations change the industry forever?

The EU setting its own methane standards would send a strong signal to the gas market and have a direct impact on Europe’s own gas suppliers.

3 ways climate change will change oil & gas

COVID-19 brought rapid changes to the oil and gas industry, but even prior to the pandemic, oil companies were being pressured to change