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COP28: Spain, Kenya and Samoa join Beyond Oil and Gas Alliance

Spain joined the alliance against gas and oil that it rejected two years ago. Kenya and Samoa also joined, it was announced at COP28.

Spanish Environment Minister Teresa Ribera (second from right) photographed alongside other new and old members of the Beyond Oil and Gas Alliance at COP28, on December 5th 2023 (Photo credit: Sophie Davies/Gas Outlook)

(Dubai, United Arab Emirates) The Beyond Oil and Gas Alliance (BOGA) announced on Tuesday at COP28 that Spain, Kenya and Samoa have joined as new members of the alliance, which is designed for countries to commit to ending the exploitation and production of oil and gas.

BOGA is an international alliance of governments and stakeholders working together to facilitate the transition out of oil and gas production. The alliance aims to elevate the issue of oil and gas production phase-out in international climate dialogues, mobilize action and commitments, and create an international community of practice on this issue.

In the conference, in addition to announcing the new members of the alliance, BOGA revealed the provision of grants for an initial amount of one million dollars for Kenya and Colombia to abandon dependence on fossil fuels and plan a “fair, managed and orderly” transition phase out.

Spain has joined as a full member which commits it (although it is a non-binding agreement) to end new concessions, concession rounds or leases for oil and gas production and exploration, and to set a date aligned with the Paris Agreement to end the production and exploration of oil and gas.

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