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energy transition

Nigeria must industrialise energy transition without big carbon impact: report

Nigeria needs to industrialise its energy transition without significantly increasing carbon emissions, a report funded by the Agence Française de Dévelopment said.

Nigeria electricity

Nigeria electricity tariff hike raises concern, prompts call for renewables

The Nigerian electricity regulator's 300 percent tariff hike has raised concerns, prompting calls for alternative energy development.


After its Orange Basin exploration boom, Namibia aims to strike balance

Oil and gas exploration is booming in Namibia, with the country seeking to strike a balance between developing fossil fuels and building out renewables.


Nigeria’s Shiroro solar-hydro project will aid energy transition: experts

The Nigerian government has signed a joint venture for Shiroro Generating Company's 20 MW solar-hydro hybrid project. Experts say the project will aid the energy transition and foster renewable energy growth.

african climate

African petrostate gas investments face transition risk: African Climate Foundation

An African Climate Foundation report highlights the challenges for African petrostates in leveraging their gas resources and suggests prioritising renewables due to the transition risks.

energy shortages

South Africa turns to gas to ease energy shortages

Several natural gas projects are under development in South Africa as the country seeks to ease energy shortages and reduce its dependence on coal, but there are calls for more renewables to be added to the energy mix.


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عرض الكل
NOG Energy Week

Nigerian LNG up for debate as NOG Energy Week 2024 approaches

Nigeria Oil & Gas (NOG) Energy Week 2024 opens in Abuja later this month, at a time when questions are being asked about Nigeria’s LNG sector.

Nigeria LNG

Nigeria LNG production risks economic instability, stranded assets: report

Nigeria's LNG expansion risks economic instability, stranded assets, and perpetuating fossil fuel dependency, according to a new report.

clean cooking

World leaders, private sector commit $2.2 billion towards clean cooking in Africa

The European Union agreed at the summit to mobilise 400 million euros for clean cooking activities in Africa.

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عرض الكل

Gas flares in Nigeria oil heartland harm children

Gas flaring, routinely carried out by companies producing oil in Nigeria, poses a significant hazard to the health of those exposed to it, especially children.