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Nigeria on “brink of a new era” say President at energy summit

African leaders and energy experts are convened at Nigeria International Energy Summit this week.


Can Algeria’s solar segment shine brighter after its latest tenders?

The two tenders formed part of Algeria's national plan to install 15,000 MW of solar capacity by 2035.

Shell Nigeria

Shell Nigeria divestment raises environmental, legal concerns

Shell has sold its Nigerian subsidiary to a local consortium for $2.4 billion, exiting onshore, prompting experts to raise environmental and legal concerns.

Uganda energy

Oil pipeline detracts from Uganda energy transition: experts

Uganda’s new energy transition plan marks progress but emissions reductions efforts could be complicated by the planned East African Crude Oil Pipeline, experts told Gas Outlook.

Africa LNG

Slow progress for Africa LNG sector

African LNG development continues to run into delays owing to various factors including a lack of investment, security issues and poor infrastructure.

Germany gas

Nigeria-Germany gas deal raises decarbonisation concerns

A new Nigeria-Germany gas export deal has raised concerns about potential impact on decarbonisation targets.


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عرض الكل

COP28: Spain, Kenya and Samoa join Beyond Oil and Gas Alliance

Spain joined the alliance against gas and oil that it rejected two years ago. Kenya and Samoa also joined, it was announced at COP28.

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عرض الكل

Gas flares in Nigeria oil heartland harm children

Gas flaring, routinely carried out by companies producing oil in Nigeria, poses a significant hazard to the health of those exposed to it, especially children.