Paris agreement

Global banks inject $7 trillion into fossil fuels since Paris Agreement

A new report finds that global financial institutions have continued to invest in oil, gas, and coal at elevated levels since the Paris Agreement, despite calls to accelerate the energy transition.

Cambridge University

Cambridge University halt to fossil fuel funding despite green energy shift

The move comes as experts warn of a growing “reputational risk” for institutions like Cambridge University if they collaborate with oil and gas companies.


Persian Gulf States may invest in U.S. LNG

Analysts say that potential investments from Saudi Aramco and ADNOC in U.S. LNG could propel projects forward. Meanwhile, in Houston, gas executives voiced confidence in the trajectory of their industry at CERAWeek.

Closing China’s energy transition finance gap requires more work

For China to rein in its carbon emissions from its largest polluting segments will require massive energy transition finance, according to a new report.

Africa LNG

Slow progress for Africa LNG sector

African LNG development continues to run into delays owing to various factors including a lack of investment, security issues and poor infrastructure.

Global LNG

Global LNG expansion continues, but future demand uncertain

A new report tracks the wave of global LNG projects proposed or under construction. But not all will get built, and the financial risks are significant as the energy transition proceeds.


Norway, Australia join CETP to end public fossil fuel finance

Australia and Norway announced at the COP28 summit earlier this month that they were joining the Clean Energy Transition Partnership (CETP), but concerns over signatories’ missing targets remain.

Rio Grande LNG receives final investment decision

The massive gas export facility Rio Grande LNG includes the largest greenfield project financing deal in U.S. history, but the export terminal threatens the Texas coast and will lock in climate pollution for years to come.

gas financing

BNP Paribas ends direct gas financing

The French bank said it would no longer directly finance any oil and gas projects. But critics say the policy does nothing to sever ties with the companies themselves, allowing some oil and gas financing to continue.