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EU green deal

Uncertainty looms over EU Green Deal ahead of June election

The new parliament that will emerge from the election could bring new challenges for the bloc’s energy policy, putting the future of the EU Green Deal in doubt.

climate litigation

Climate litigation win for elderly Swiss women sets global precedent

The climate litigation victory is significant for a country that has been warming at more than twice the global rate in recent years.

Cambridge University

Cambridge University halt to fossil fuel funding despite green energy shift

The move comes as experts warn of a growing “reputational risk” for institutions like Cambridge University if they collaborate with oil and gas companies.

Trafigura, Greenergy deal opens up biofuels, road fuels synergies

The Trafigura-Greenergy deal highlights the growing importance of biofuels in the UK and European landscape, experts said.

energy charter treaty

UK leaves Energy Charter Treaty but risk of litigation remains

The UK government said in February that the country will leave the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT) after the failure of efforts to align it with net zero, joining nine EU Member States including France, Spain and the Netherlands.

Emissions reduction

EU emissions reduction targets criticised for CCS reliance

Critics say the EU's new emissions reduction strategy focuses too heavily on unproven carbon capture technologies.


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net zero

UK to exceed 2037 emission targets by 37%, miss net zero goal: conference

The UK is set to exceed its GHG emissions target for the period 2033-2037 by 37%, a conference in London heard Tuesday.

global LNG

Methane import taxes could influence global LNG market

A new report finds that EU levies on imported methane could help clean up gas operations, but may also lead to a two-tiered global LNG market.


Activist shareholders target Shell

A group of 27 investors, including Europe’s largest asset manager, have filed a shareholder resolution that calls on Shell to align its operations with the Paris Climate agreement.

plastics treaty

Decades of petchems unease not enough to clinch a plastics treaty

For more than 50 years, the health and safety hazards of a petrochemicals complex in northern Spain have been worrying locals. Despite that, and the unease of such communities globally, UN talks this week failed to clinch a plastics treaty.


EU methane deal ups pressure on global leaders at COP28

A landmark EU deal this week to impose methane emissions limits on oil and gas imports into Europe should spur global action at COP28.

lng in europe

Ramp-up of LNG in Europe a health risk

The residents of the Spanish town of Ferrol have lived for years in the shadow of an LNG terminal, but a growing body of research suggests such infrastructure poses a health risk to communities like theirs – which should serve as a wake-up call as we brace ourselves for major build-out of LNG in Europe.