Climate Litigation

climate litigation

South Korea sees rising climate litigation amid insufficient govt targets

A recent lawsuit in South Korea involving a baby among the plaintiffs marks an acceleration in climate litigation in Asia.

climate litigation

Climate litigation win for elderly Swiss women sets global precedent

The climate litigation victory is significant for a country that has been warming at more than twice the global rate in recent years.

Climate litigation

Climate litigation could thwart Woodside-Santos merger

A Woodside-Santos merger would nearly consolidate Australia’s LNG sector and become a force in the LNG industry globally.

climate damages

U.S. county sues ExxonMobil and others for climate damages

A county in Oregon named ExxonMobil and more than a dozen other defendants for $52 billion in climate damages related to a catastrophic 2021 heat wave.

Shell lawsuit

Client Earth asks UK court to revise Shell lawsuit dismissal

The environmental law charity is urging a UK court to reconsider its dismissal of the NGO’s landmark Shell lawsuit against the firm’s board of directors over alleged inaction against climate change.

australia net zero

Western Australia net zero plans up the ante

Western Australia net zero plans are in the spotlight as it is to become the third state in the country to legislate its net zero commitment, but the industry-intensive state faces an energy dilemma. 

The UK Houses of Parliament.

UK faces legal action over new oil and gas licensing

The UK government recently announced it was reopening oil and gas licensing in a bid to boost domestic production amid an escalating energy crisis.

Woodside faces new legal climate challenge at Scarborough

The Australian Conservation Foundation claims that the offshore Scarborough gas field will have a detrimental impact on the Great Barrier Reef by adding wide-scale coral bleaching.

client earth shell

Climate litigation on the rise globally, says LSE study

The importance of climate change litigation is growing as a means of promoting effective action on climate change, and cases against oil and gas companies are a particular focus, according to new research.