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EU green deal

Uncertainty looms over EU Green Deal ahead of June election

The new parliament that will emerge from the election could bring new challenges for the bloc’s energy policy, putting the future of the EU Green Deal in doubt.

Cambridge University

Cambridge University halt to fossil fuel funding despite green energy shift

The move comes as experts warn of a growing “reputational risk” for institutions like Cambridge University if they collaborate with oil and gas companies.

oil and gas wells

Colorado lawsuit targets abandoned oil and gas wells

A recently filed lawsuit alleges that a Colorado firm loaded up its clean-up liabilities onto another shell company that was designed to fail, saddling landowners and taxpayers with old polluting oil and gas wells.

Asia renewables

SE Asian renewables gains offset by continued gas build-out

Lack of progress in breaking ground on new projects, coupled with a challenging regulatory environment for Asian renewables, is hindering the region’s progress, the report said.


Senegal well-positioned to achieve energy transition: report

Senegal's latest Energy Policy Review outlines progress in renewable energy, highlighting challenges and emphasising the inclusive governance needed for sustainable economic growth.

Trafigura, Greenergy deal opens up biofuels, road fuels synergies

The Trafigura-Greenergy deal highlights the growing importance of biofuels in the UK and European landscape, experts said.


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net zero

UK to exceed 2037 emission targets by 37%, miss net zero goal: conference

The UK is set to exceed its GHG emissions target for the period 2033-2037 by 37%, a conference in London heard Tuesday.

Oman energy

“Think like activists, act as engineers,” says BP petroleum engineer at Oman energy show

Oman's energy transition cannot happen without oil and gas still playing a role, delegates said at an Oman energy show this week.

Oman Petroleum and Energy Show

Hydrogen investment still faces hurdles: Oman Petroleum and Energy Show

There are still barriers to a full hydrogen value chain and economy taking off, delegates said at the Oman Petroleum and Energy Show.


Oil kingdom COP28: the gamble that paid off?

When delegates gathered in Dubai just a fortnight ago for the opening of COP28, the chances of progress seemed slim, but these oil state climate talks delivered a transition away from fossil fuels that no previous COP managed to achieve.


At COP28 the UAE softens, now Saudi Arabia must follow

Saudi Arabia remains a thorn in the side of COP28. Only one solution remains – that the Gulf petrostate host its own COP, and face up to global scrutiny as the United Arab Emirates has done.

Al Jaber

Drama in the desert: Al Jaber backtracks on fossil fuel science

It is less than a week since COP28, the largest ever U.N climate summit, began in the oil kingdom city of Dubai, but drama is already at a peak after Sultan Al Jaber questioned the science behind phasing out fossil fuels.