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Closing China’s energy transition finance gap requires more work

For China to rein in its carbon emissions from its largest polluting segments will require massive energy transition finance, according to a new report.

Indonesia energy

Indonesia election to determine its energy transition future

Whoever wins the Indonesian election this month will have his plate full dealing with energy prices, regulation and the energy transition.

Belt & Road Initiative

China’s Belt & Road Initiative boosts SE Asian renewables

China’s Belt & Road Initiative has been making a hard pivot from fossil fuel project investment to more renewables in recent years.


Offshore wind sector in Japan struggles to gain footing

Japan has vast wind power potential that remains undeveloped, especially floating offshore, a recent report found.

Asia LNG

Research sounds alarm over SE Asia’s LNG development

The report confirms other recent studies that Southeast Asian LNG is not the environmentally-friendly green transition fuel once thought just a few years ago.

Singapore hydrogen

Singapore hydrogen plans accused of greenwashing

Hydrogen development plans are making headway in Singapore and the new fuel has been called “low carbon” but Singapore’s hydrogen strategy is still opaque and it's unclear to what extent it might contribute to decarbonization.