Fossil Fuels

Shell Nigeria

Shell Nigeria divestment raises environmental, legal concerns

Shell has sold its Nigerian subsidiary to a local consortium for $2.4 billion, exiting onshore, prompting experts to raise environmental and legal concerns.

Indonesia energy

Indonesia election to determine its energy transition future

Whoever wins the Indonesian election this month will have his plate full dealing with energy prices, regulation and the energy transition.


Norway, Australia join CETP to end public fossil fuel finance

Australia and Norway announced at the COP28 summit earlier this month that they were joining the Clean Energy Transition Partnership (CETP), but concerns over signatories’ missing targets remain.


Oil kingdom COP28: the gamble that paid off?

When delegates gathered in Dubai just a fortnight ago for the opening of COP28, the chances of progress seemed slim, but these oil state climate talks delivered a transition away from fossil fuels that no previous COP managed to achieve.


COP28 ends with call to “transition away from fossil fuels”

The final COP28 document marks a historic first: an explicit call to end the era of fossil fuels. But experts say the text also includes weak language and loopholes.


COP28: “Countries must remove obstacles” – U.N. exec

U.N. Executive Secretary Simon Stiell urged countries to remove obstacles in the COP28 negotiations or “risk ruining the outcome for everyone.”


COP28: Brazil’s vow to be a “1.5 paladin” an empty pledge

Much like the draft COP28 text that omitted to mention a fossil fuel phase-out, Brazil’s vow to be the “1.5 paladin” is an empty promise.


At COP28 the UAE softens, now Saudi Arabia must follow

Saudi Arabia remains a thorn in the side of COP28. Only one solution remains – that the Gulf petrostate host its own COP, and face up to global scrutiny as the United Arab Emirates has done.

Deepwater drilling

Argentina’s pro-market shift tightens embrace of deepwater drilling

Deepwater drilling for oil and gas is gaining a fresh foothold in Argentina, defying climate warnings and predictions for falling demand.


Last days of COP28: U.N. says it’s time to negotiate “with grace”

As COP28 in Dubai reaches its final critical hours, António Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations, said Monday that it is time to “negotiate with grace.”

Al Jaber

COP28: OPEC votes against fossil fuel phase out

OPEC members are against including the phase-out of fossil fuels in the agreement expected to be announced at the end of COP28.


Protests at COP28 demand an end to LNG support

Climate activists at COP28 are calling for a phasing out of fossil fuels such as LNG and for them to be replaced them with renewable sources such as wind and solar energy.


800 leaders to COP28 president: “Later is too late”

In a letter to COP28 President Sultan Al Jaber, they called for an “orderly phase out of all fossil fuels in a just & equitable way, in line with a 1.5C trajectory.”


COP28: flurry of climate pledges, but phaseout showdown looms

In the first week of COP28, the U.S. and Canada announced or joined a long list of climate initiatives. But both countries, along with other major producers, are reluctant to commit to the larger task of phasing out fossil fuels.


Global Stocktake is the vehicle for climate action: U.N. exec

A text is on the table for Global Stocktake negotiators at COP28 to finalize, but so far, it looks dreamy and scattered.