Anna Kachkova

Appetite for gas limited despite EU ‘green’ label plan

Natural gas and nuclear power are set to be included in the EU taxonomy for sustainable activities, albeit on a transitional basis.

Ukraine war accelerates EU hydrogen push

The war in Ukraine seems set to accelerate clean hydrogen development in the EU, in line with the bloc’s increased targets for hydrogen uptake, but the nascent industry still has considerable challenges to overcome.

Weighing the market impact of an EU Russian oil embargo

At least a partial embargo on Russian oil looks likely to be brought in by the EU, and the move would have far-reaching implications for global markets.

Shale industry sees more investor exits

Various types of investors are pulling back from shale and broader oil and gas investments, but there are questions over how the trend will continue to play out.

Allegations of super-major greenwashing in the spotlight

A new study has found that super-major’s rhetoric on decarbonising is not being matched by equivalent actions.

Role of ESG on the rise in shale dealmaking

The role of ESG metrics in US shale dealmaking is growing, but there is still a long way to go, analysts say.

ExxonMobil joins pursuit of net zero

US supermajor ExxonMobil has joined the ranks of oil and gas producers pursuing a long-term goal of net zero emissions, building on plans unveiled earlier to decarbonise its Permian Basin operations.

How meaningful is North America’s methane pledge?

The leaders of the US, Mexico and Canada pledged last month to create a joint North American strategy on methane and black carbon, but energy experts are divided on its usefulness.