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Advocates pressure legislators to adopt NY HEAT Act

Despite broad support for the NY HEAT Act, which would reform utility law to accelerate electrification, the fate of the bill in the New York Assembly remains unclear, with just a few days left in the legislative session.

Colorado natural gas

Colorado natural gas flaring occurs out of public view

The state is held up as a model for reducing pollution from oil and gas sites because of a ban on routine flaring. But video evidence and legal challenges indicate that Colorado natural gas flaring continues — and state regulators are not keeping up.


Advocates call for permanent ban on new U.S. LNG projects

Opponents of the U.S. LNG buildout on the Gulf Coast celebrated the Biden administration’s “pause” on new permitting earlier this year. But they say a temporary reprieve is not enough.

US gas

U.S. gas utility spending could lead to “unsustainable rate increases” for customers

A new report finds that U.S. gas utilities could spend up to $1.4 trillion on gas infrastructure through 2050. It warns that regulators need to manage the transition away from gas to avoid the continued build-up of stranded asset risk.

Canadian LNG

Canadian LNG may not reach its potential, industry leaders warn

At an energy conference in Vancouver, industry leaders agonised over the slow progress in building Canadian LNG export terminals.

Woodfibre LNG

Canada’s Woodfibre LNG makes progress, but suffers another setback

At an energy conference in Vancouver, a Woodfibre LNG official said construction has advanced on the controversial gas project in British Columbia.


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Paris agreement

Global banks inject $7 trillion into fossil fuels since Paris Agreement

A new report finds that global financial institutions have continued to invest in oil, gas, and coal at elevated levels since the Paris Agreement, despite calls to accelerate the energy transition.

U.S. gas

Record warm winter leaves U.S. gas glut

U.S. gas prices have crashed as a result of an unusually warm winter. Government data expects conditions of oversupply to continue through next year.

U.S. SEC finalises new climate disclosure rules

The climate disclosure requirements are far weaker than originally outlined by the financial regulator two years ago.

Biden breaks campaign promise with federal lands lease sale

Constrained by a court decision, the Biden administration said it would auction off land for new oil and gas drilling. But climate activists see the move as backtracking on climate progress

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LNG expands on Louisiana’s vanishing coastline

Already scarred by climate change, southwest Louisiana is on the frontlines of the rush to build new LNG.

Louisiana LNG

Louisiana LNG could be “nail in the coffin” for local fishermen

Commercial fishing in southwest Louisiana is already facing hard times. But the rush to build Louisiana LNG export terminals may put an end to a once-vibrant industry.

Woodfibre LNG

Canada’s Woodfibre LNG rests on shaky financial prospects

The proposed Woodfibre LNG project has seen costs soar, and is not competitive with larger LNG projects on the U.S. Gulf Coast, despite generous public subsidies. Critics say it will not offer the economic benefit for which British Columbia is hoping.

Woodfibre LNG

Woodfibre LNG in Canada threatens UNESCO reserve

The scenic Howe Sound, in British Columbia, has seen a stunning improvement in marine life. But this “success story” is under threat from the proposed Woodfibre LNG project, critics say.

Texas LNG

Texas LNG buildout rests on unproven CCS claims

A major Texas LNG project is promising to be the “greenest” LNG project in the world. But critics say it rests on ‘speculative’ and unproven carbon capture and sequestration technologies.

Texas LNG

Coastal residents fear South Texas LNG buildout

While much of the Texas coast is inundated with oil and gas infrastructure, the southern coast remains largely untouched by heavy industry. That could change with big plans for Texas LNG export terminals.