Methane Emissions

Colorado natural gas

Colorado natural gas flaring occurs out of public view

The state is held up as a model for reducing pollution from oil and gas sites because of a ban on routine flaring. But video evidence and legal challenges indicate that Colorado natural gas flaring continues — and state regulators are not keeping up.

gas flaring

Iraq gas flaring clean-up essential for climate goals: experts

Iraq alone is responsible for around 13% of global gas flaring, according to the World Bank.


Vast Qatar LNG expansion on horizon after QatarEnergy announcement

State-run QatarEnergy has announced a third LNG expansion plan, but Qatar has yet to tackle emerging risks including regulation on methane emissions.

oil and gas wells

Colorado lawsuit targets abandoned oil and gas wells

A recently filed lawsuit alleges that a Colorado firm loaded up its clean-up liabilities onto another shell company that was designed to fail, saddling landowners and taxpayers with old polluting oil and gas wells.

IEA: Cuts to methane emissions from oil and gas essential for climate

The Paris-based International Energy Agency said that the fossil fuels sector is not doing enough to cut methane emissions from oil and gas. Rapid cuts would yield enormous climate benefits.

Faith Birol

“Moment of truth” for oil and gas industry – IEA’s Faith Birol

The head of the International Energy Agency Faith Birol said that the oil and gas industry needs to slash emissions from its operations and show that it is serious at the COP28 summit.

methane pollution from LNG

U.S. videos show methane pollution from LNG

Using an optical gas imaging camera, which detects pollutants that are otherwise invisible, Earthworks found extensive emissions including methane pollution from U.S. LNG export terminals in Louisiana.

methane emissions iea

Methane emissions: IEA says they’re “stubbornly high”

There is “no excuse” why the oil and gas industry is not taking action on methane emissions, IEA research found. Regulators are beginning to propose more stringent rules.

nord stream

Nord Stream leaks: wake-up call for tougher methane action?

The Nord Stream explosions probably represent the largest single methane leak ever recorded. Will the events act as a wake-up call for policy makers and the public to shore up tougher regulations on methane emissions?

climate change in Nigeria

Governments lay out plans to cut atmospheric methane

New data shows a spike in atmospheric methane concentrations globally, putting a spotlight on international efforts to cut emissions of the potent greenhouse gas.