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Protests at COP28 demand an end to LNG support

Climate activists at COP28 are calling for a phasing out of fossil fuels such as LNG and for them to be replaced them with renewable sources such as wind and solar energy.

Group of Democrats call on Biden to scrutinize LNG exports

In a letter to the U.S. Department of Energy, dozens of members of Congress criticized the agency’s approval of so many new LNG projects. They called for more rigorous scrutiny, citing negative climate and economic impacts.

LNG demand

Asia to account for most LNG demand by 2050: conference

Asia is set to account for over 75% of the global LNG market by 2050, with LNG demand reaching over 500 million tonnes per year by that date, delegates heard.

lng industry

LNG industry buoyed by positive outlook: TotalEnergies CEO

The LNG industry’s outlook is looking increasingly optimistic amid expected demand growth particularly in Asian countries, delegates heard.

Saudi Aramco

Saudi Aramco eyes global LNG expansion with MidOcean stake

The $500 million MidOcean deal marks Saudi Aramco’s first international investment in LNG.

China LNG

China LNG deals come at an environmental cost

A number of large Chinese LNG deals come at a time when the government also claims the country is on its way to reach net zero by 2060.

Bangladesh energy

Bangladesh energy crisis spurs pivot to Indian gas

Bangladesh Energy Minister Nasrul Hamid said in a Gas Outlook interview that the nation hopes to import around 500 mmcfd of re-gasified Indian LNG from 2025.

Australia LNG

Labour unions hit back at Australia LNG heavyweights

Australia LNG build-out under fire: energy giant Chevron is the most recent company caught in the crosshairs.

German LNG

One year on from Nord Stream, German LNG booms

With four new German LNG terminals and eight FSRUs planned, some fear that lawmakers are overcompensating for the loss of Russian pipelined gas.

Caribbean energy

Caribbean energy grids need overhaul to wean off oil: study

Rising sea levels and intensifying hurricanes underline the urgency of transforming Caribbean energy systems, which are oil-based, costly and vulnerable.

Bangladesh LNG

Bangladesh LNG imports to treble: concerns mount

Energy experts and rights groups fear that mounting Bangladesh LNG import dependence might weaken its already strained economy.

european gas storage

Gas prices spike despite record high European gas storage

In spite of record high European gas storage levels, the continent is vulnerable to risky global LNG dynamics as winter approaches.

credit export agency

German export credit agency slammed over fossil fuel finance

A new policy proposed in Germany would allow the national export credit agency to continue investing in fossil fuel projects.

Japan LNG

Japan, LNG import king, blasted over greenwashing

Criticism is being levelled at Japan, LNG trailblazer, over what many claim is a false sustainability narrative and climate change greenwashing tactics.

Venture Global litigation highlights risky LNG market: experts

Arbitration cases being brought against the U.S. LNG exporter Venture Global are highlighting the risks faced by contract buyers.

LNG conference seen as “branding” exercise

With climate disasters ravaging much of North America, the world’s largest LNG conference took place in Vancouver in mid-July. Some protested as gas companies announced deals to expand LNG.

Rio Grande LNG receives final investment decision

The massive gas export facility Rio Grande LNG includes the largest greenfield project financing deal in U.S. history, but the export terminal threatens the Texas coast and will lock in climate pollution for years to come.

bangladesh electricity crisis

Bangladesh electricity crisis persists on fuel shortages

Acute load-shedding since late May due to a shortage of primary fuels to run power plants has led to the Bangladesh electricity crisis.


German imports contribute to U.S. LNG expansion

The push for gas supplies is leading to rapid construction of U.S. LNG export terminals on the Gulf Coast, threatening the coastal environment and climate targets, according to critics. Germany is playing a big role in the buildout.

Vietnam power

Vietnam power plan approved but problems remain

Vietnam’s power plan was approved after more than two years of delays, political bickering and a dozen various draft versions.