global LNG

Methane import taxes could influence global LNG market

A new report finds that EU levies on imported methane could help clean up gas operations, but may also lead to a two-tiered global LNG market.

EU methane

Will new climate laws markedly reduce EU methane emissions?

The landmark legislation will require companies to measure and quantify both their source- and site-level EU methane emissions for the first time.

EPA announces proposed methane emissions fee

The highly-anticipated policy will charge drillers for excess methane emissions.

Methane leaks

Satellites: a game-changer for methane leak detection?

While using satellite imagery to quantify methane leaks from landfill sites, PhD student Emily Dowd made a remarkable discovery.


At COP28, fifty companies pledge to reduce emissions

Fifty countries including the UAE and Saudi Arabia signed an official charter that stipulates reducing carbon and methane emissions.


COP28 energy pledge stops short of tackling burning of fossil fuels

At COP28 in Dubai, 50 oil and gas companies pledged to stop contributing to greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.


U.S.-China host methane summit, but fossil fuel phaseout needed

The U.S. and China are holding an event at COP28 on methane emissions. While progress on methane is welcome, experts warn that the reluctance to curb fossil fuel production is making the methane crisis worse.


COP28 opens in Dubai: what topics take priority and what next?

The COP28 summit opened today with a decision to discuss financing the loss and damage fund, in the hope of reaching an agreement before moving onto more complex topics.


EU methane deal ups pressure on global leaders at COP28

A landmark EU deal this week to impose methane emissions limits on oil and gas imports into Europe should spur global action at COP28.

future energy

ExxonMobil backs gas as key component of future energy mix

An ExxonMobil executive told a London conference that gas is still needed, in spite of growing calls to shift away from fossil fuels towards renewable energy.

New satellite data a gamechanger: Global Methane Hub

A new generation of satellites starting in 2024 will provide unparalleled transparency on methane emissions, Marcelo Mena-Carrasco, CEO of the Global Methane Hub, said in a Gas Outlook interview.

LNG in asia

Gas, LNG in Asia challenged by cheaper wind, solar

Developers of gas and LNG in Asia, especially Southeast Asia, are being challenged by cheaper wind and solar production costs.

Tokyo plan to decarbonise city gas faces hurdles

Tokyo Gas, Japan’s largest city gas supplier, is to begin a methanation pilot programme using renewables to try to decarbonise city gas.