Widespread CCS use would cost trillions of dollars: study

A new study finds that adopting CCS across many polluting sectors would cost $30 trillion more than a low-CCS scenario. Experts say the fossil fuel industry’s preferred solution would be “highly economically damaging.”


EU methane deal ups pressure on global leaders at COP28

A landmark EU deal this week to impose methane emissions limits on oil and gas imports into Europe should spur global action at COP28.

future energy

ExxonMobil backs gas as key component of future energy mix

An ExxonMobil executive told a London conference that gas is still needed, in spite of growing calls to shift away from fossil fuels towards renewable energy.

lng industry

LNG industry buoyed by positive outlook: TotalEnergies CEO

The LNG industry’s outlook is looking increasingly optimistic amid expected demand growth particularly in Asian countries, delegates heard.

net zero emissions

Govt fossil fuel production on track to blow past climate targets

Many countries have promised to cut emissions dramatically by 2030 and achieve net zero emissions by 2050. But current plans have the world on pace to produce twice as much fossil fuels by 2030 than is compatible with climate targets.

New satellite data a gamechanger: Global Methane Hub

A new generation of satellites starting in 2024 will provide unparalleled transparency on methane emissions, Marcelo Mena-Carrasco, CEO of the Global Methane Hub, said in a Gas Outlook interview.

IEA: Cuts to methane emissions from oil and gas essential for climate

The Paris-based International Energy Agency said that the fossil fuels sector is not doing enough to cut methane emissions from oil and gas. Rapid cuts would yield enormous climate benefits.

gas demand

IEA sees gas demand peak this decade

The gas industry continues to build new gas-fired power plants, pipelines, and LNG export terminals, but the IEA said that no new projects are needed in a climate-aligned world.

european gas storage

Gas prices spike despite record high European gas storage

In spite of record high European gas storage levels, the continent is vulnerable to risky global LNG dynamics as winter approaches.

gas stoves

Gas stoves emit benzene equivalent to secondhand smoke

Benzene is a known human carcinogen, with clear links to cancer. A new study finds alarming levels of benzene emitted from normally-functioning gas stoves.

net zero claims

Most net zero claims from oil and gas firms “largely meaningless”

A new report found that even though net zero claims continue to proliferate, even among fossil fuel companies, the commitments are riddled with loopholes.

environmental impact

Many large firms not disclosing environmental impact: CDP

A campaign to pressure major companies worldwide to reveal their environmental impact says that 1,600 companies, including ExxonMobil and Saudi Aramco, are still not disclosing enough info to investors.

IEA report

Renewable additions to post record 2023 increase: IEA report

Renewable energy capacity additions are set to increase by a record 107 GW year on year to reach 440 GW globally in 2023, an IEA report said.

Shell lawsuit

Client Earth asks UK court to revise Shell lawsuit dismissal

The environmental law charity is urging a UK court to reconsider its dismissal of the NGO’s landmark Shell lawsuit against the firm’s board of directors over alleged inaction against climate change.

G7 nations

G7 nations issue support for gas as “temporary” solution

Climate activists blasted a communique from the G7 nations, which issued qualified support for investment in more gas supplies.