Australia’s Santos met with CCS greenwashing allegations

Santos continues to pursue a carbon capture and storage strategy for its gas projects.

Emissions reduction

EU emissions reduction targets criticised for CCS reliance

Critics say the EU’s new emissions reduction strategy focuses too heavily on unproven carbon capture technologies.

Vietnam power

Vietnam power sector fails to rein in fossil fuel usage

The government has been trying to clean up Vietnam’s power sector, but is facing considerable self-inflicted problems.


Europe’s ambitious CCS plans attract criticism

Over-reliance on CCS in decarbonisation plans might prolong the role of fossil fuels in economies, experts warned.


Widespread CCS use would cost trillions of dollars: study

A new study finds that adopting CCS across many polluting sectors would cost $30 trillion more than a low-CCS scenario. Experts say the fossil fuel industry’s preferred solution would be “highly economically damaging.”


UAE oil deal plans cast shadow over COP28

Documents leaked to the BBC showed that the UAE’s COP28 team had plans to discuss oil and gas deals with 15 countries.

Abu Dhabi National Oil Company

Abu Dhabi National Oil Company FID ties CCS to net zero

With its Hail and Ghasha mega-project, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company says it will use carbon capture and storage to operate with net zero emissions.

Indonesia energy

Indonesia energy sector grapples with net zero

The Indonesian energy sector is boosting its development of carbon capture storage and utilization at a time when it is also setting more ambitious net zero goals.

Australia gas

Australia gas debate re-heats on BP purchase

BP is to acquire Shell’s 27% stake in the offshore Browse gas project, reigniting divisions in Australia’s gas sector.

IPCC fossil fuels

IPCC: fossil fuels phase-out is urgently needed

In its latest report, the IPCC said that greenhouse gas emissions need to halve by the end of the decade to avoid catastrophic warming. That means slashing the production and consumption of fossil fuels.

chile green hydrogen

France-UK energy deal to boost green energy trade

Cooperation on hydrogen stemming from the new France-UK energy deal would benefit transport infrastructure and promote trade, say experts.

cop oil and gas

Most CCS will not contribute to net zero targets: report

Underperforming carbon capture projects considerably outnumber successful projects globally, finds a new report by the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis.

Policy change may hit Australian CCS

Lack of consultation about recent changes to Australia’s Emissions Reduction Fund and an uncertain policy environment could spook investors in CCS, a non profit has said.

Saudi Arabia’s net zero goals in the spotlight

Saudi Aramco says it hopes to achieve net zero SCOPE-1 and SCOPE-2 greenhouse gas emissions across its fully owned operations by 2050, but warns that achieving this in less than three decades will not be easy.