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The U.S. and China are holding an event at COP28 on methane emissions. While progress on methane is welcome, experts warn that the reluctance to curb fossil fuel production is making the methane crisis worse.


The COP28 summit opened today with a decision to discuss financing the loss and damage fund, in the hope of reaching an agreement before moving onto more complex topics.

Gaza war

Amid the ongoing Israel-Gaza war, rumours are circulating that Israel is eyeing offshore development in waters close to the Gaza Strip.


Just weeks before the start of COP28, the UK government approved the Offshore Petroleum Licensing bill, which envisages annual oil and gas licensing rounds.


The fossil fuel industry should commit at COP28 to reduce operational emissions by 60% to 2030, the IEA’s chief executive Fatih Birol said.


On the cusp of COP28, African negotiators are calling for different fossil fuel phase-down pathways for developed and developing countries.

Malaysia renewables

The Malaysian renewables sector got a major boost recently when Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company pledged to invest US$8bn, but solar and hydropower are still being prioritised over wind in the country.

Ghana energy

The West African nation has unveiled a $550 billion decarbonization plan aiming for net zero by 2060, but experts said Ghana’s energy transition faces a number of potential hurdles.

Singapore hydrogen

Hydrogen development plans are making headway in Singapore and the new fuel has been called “low carbon” but Singapore’s hydrogen strategy is still opaque and it's unclear to what extent it might contribute to decarbonization.

future energy

An ExxonMobil executive told a London conference that gas is still needed, in spite of growing calls to shift away from fossil fuels towards renewable energy.

LNG demand

Asia is set to account for over 75% of the global LNG market by 2050, with LNG demand reaching over 500 million tonnes per year by that date, delegates heard.

Saudi Aramco

The $500 million MidOcean deal marks Saudi Aramco’s first international investment in LNG.

China LNG

A number of large Chinese LNG deals come at a time when the government also claims the country is on its way to reach net zero by 2060.


A review of the scientific literature reveals enormous public health, environmental, and climate damage from fracking. Authors say that “no rules or regulations can make these practices safe.”

Global Methane Hub

A new generation of satellites starting in 2024 will provide unparalleled transparency on methane emissions, Marcelo Mena-Carrasco, CEO of the Global Methane Hub, said in a Gas Outlook interview.