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Chevron called out over controversial Myanmar exit

Developments in war-torn Myanmar continue to impact not only its people, but its relationship with western energy companies.


Australia’s Santos met with CCS greenwashing allegations

Santos continues to pursue a carbon capture and storage strategy for its gas projects.


Advocates pressure legislators to adopt NY HEAT Act

Despite broad support for the NY HEAT Act, which would reform utility law to accelerate electrification, the fate of the bill in the New York Assembly remains unclear, with just a few days left in the legislative session.

New Fortress

New Fortress LNG project in Nicaragua tests U.S. tolerance for commercial ties

The U.S. company New Fortress Energy is quietly preparing to inaugurate an LNG-to-power project in Nicaragua, where deepening repression is testing Washington’s tolerance for commercial engagement.


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gas demand

EU has enough gas to last through 2040; gas demand in long-term decline

With gas demand in Europe in long-term decline, the EU has access to sufficient supplies in both the short and long-term. That means that contracts for additional LNG are not needed, and only increase stranded asset risk.

oil majors

California wants to seize oil majors’ profits as climate damages

California amended a lawsuit it filed against five western oil majors last year, hoping to seize “ill-gotten” gains from climate deception and cover-up.

Nigeria LNG

Nigeria LNG production risks economic instability, stranded assets: report

Nigeria's LNG expansion risks economic instability, stranded assets, and perpetuating fossil fuel dependency, according to a new report.

Rio Grande LNG

Rio Grande LNG receives Gulf State investment, giving momentum to proposed expansion

The UAE’s Adnoc took a stake in Rio Grande LNG, a controversial gas export project currently under construction on Texas’ southern coast. Saudi Aramco is also reportedly considering an investment.

German gas

Private investment key in reducing German gas dependence: paper

Businesses could cut industrial natural gas consumption by more than 50 percent with investments of €9.5 billion, a new paper estimates.

clean cooking

World leaders, private sector commit $2.2 billion towards clean cooking in Africa

The European Union agreed at the summit to mobilise 400 million euros for clean cooking activities in Africa.

plastics treaty

Decades of petchems unease not enough to clinch a plastics treaty

For more than 50 years, the health and safety hazards of a petrochemicals complex in northern Spain have been worrying locals. Despite that, and the unease of such communities globally, UN talks this week failed to clinch a plastics treaty.


Oil kingdom COP28: the gamble that paid off?

When delegates gathered in Dubai just a fortnight ago for the opening of COP28, the chances of progress seemed slim, but these oil state climate talks delivered a transition away from fossil fuels that no previous COP managed to achieve.


At COP28 the UAE softens, now Saudi Arabia must follow

Saudi Arabia remains a thorn in the side of COP28. Only one solution remains – that the Gulf petrostate host its own COP, and face up to global scrutiny as the United Arab Emirates has done.

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عرض الكل

LNG expands on Louisiana’s vanishing coastline

Already scarred by climate change, southwest Louisiana is on the frontlines of the rush to build new LNG.

Louisiana LNG

Louisiana LNG could be “nail in the coffin” for local fishermen

Commercial fishing in southwest Louisiana is already facing hard times. But the rush to build Louisiana LNG export terminals may put an end to a once-vibrant industry.

Woodfibre LNG

Canada’s Woodfibre LNG rests on shaky financial prospects

The proposed Woodfibre LNG project has seen costs soar, and is not competitive with larger LNG projects on the U.S. Gulf Coast, despite generous public subsidies. Critics say it will not offer the economic benefit for which British Columbia is hoping.

Woodfibre LNG

Woodfibre LNG in Canada threatens UNESCO reserve

The scenic Howe Sound, in British Columbia, has seen a stunning improvement in marine life. But this “success story” is under threat from the proposed Woodfibre LNG project, critics say.