Gas Flaring

Colorado natural gas

Colorado natural gas flaring occurs out of public view

The state is held up as a model for reducing pollution from oil and gas sites because of a ban on routine flaring. But video evidence and legal challenges indicate that Colorado natural gas flaring continues — and state regulators are not keeping up.

gas flaring

Iraq gas flaring clean-up essential for climate goals: experts

Iraq alone is responsible for around 13% of global gas flaring, according to the World Bank.

gas flaring

Gas flaring in Iraq: BP faces legal action over death of young man

An Iraqi man’s son died of leukemia a year ago. He says that BP’s excessive gas flaring in southern Iraq is the cause, and he is seeking damages from the British oil giant.

Calcasieu Pass LNG

Chronic air pollution at Calcasieu Pass LNG on U.S. Gulf

Venture Global’s Calcasieu Pass LNG facility continues to spew air contaminants into the atmosphere as operational problems persist. The company wants to build more LNG terminals nearby.

Gas flaring

Africa must avoid gas flaring, boost renewables: report

An Africa Energy Chamber report advocates for Africa to minimise gas flaring, prioritise utilisation, impose penalties, and boost renewables.

Iraqi boy

BP urged to stop flaring after Iraqi man’s death

The oil major has still not suitably addressed gas flaring concerns in Rumaila, where an Iraqi man died of leukaemia, experts say.

Iraqi boy

After son’s death, father of Iraqi boy confronts BP

An Iraqi boy who lived in close proximity to BP’s oil operations in Iraq featured in a 2022 BBC documentary. He died from leukemia on April 21 and his father confronted BP at its shareholder meeting.

gas flaring

Gas flaring declined by 3 percent in 2022 – World Bank

A slight reduction in the volumes of gas flared last year offers some small measure of progress, the World Bank said in a new report. However, much deeper reductions are needed.

gas flaring

Venezuela gas flaring in spotlight as nation gradually re-opens

The recent gradual easing of U.S. sanctions on the country is calling attention to Venezuela’s gas flaring.

Gas flares in Nigeria oil heartland harm children

Gas flaring, routinely carried out by companies producing oil in Nigeria, poses a significant hazard to the health of those exposed to it, especially children.