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climate litigation

Climate litigation win for elderly Swiss women sets global precedent

The climate litigation victory is significant for a country that has been warming at more than twice the global rate in recent years.

Oman Petroleum and Energy Show

Middle Eastern LNG expansion in spotlight on cusp of Oman Petroleum & Energy Show

The Oman Petroleum & Energy Show opens later this month against a backdrop of shifting allegiances in the LNG sector, with Persian Gulf State oil giants eyeing the global stage.


Senegal well-positioned to achieve energy transition: report

Senegal’s latest Energy Policy Review outlines progress in renewable energy, highlighting challenges and emphasising the inclusive governance needed for sustainable economic growth.

Trafigura, Greenergy deal opens up biofuels, road fuels synergies

The Trafigura-Greenergy deal highlights the growing importance of biofuels in the UK and European landscape, experts said.

Kenya energy

Kenya energy transition faces infrastructure, funding challenges

Kenya’s energy transition pathway aims for net zero emissions by 2050 through renewable energy adoption. Experts noted challenges including lack of infrastructure and financing.

Nigeria on “brink of a new era” say President at energy summit

African leaders and energy experts are convened at Nigeria International Energy Summit this week.

Vietnam power

Vietnam power sector fails to rein in fossil fuel usage

The government has been trying to clean up Vietnam’s power sector, but is facing considerable self-inflicted problems.

Indonesia energy

Indonesia election to determine its energy transition future

Whoever wins the Indonesian election this month will have his plate full dealing with energy prices, regulation and the energy transition.


Europe’s ambitious CCS plans attract criticism

Over-reliance on CCS in decarbonisation plans might prolong the role of fossil fuels in economies, experts warned.

Uganda energy

Oil pipeline detracts from Uganda energy transition: experts

Uganda’s new energy transition plan marks progress but emissions reductions efforts could be complicated by the planned East African Crude Oil Pipeline, experts told Gas Outlook.


Oil kingdom COP28: the gamble that paid off?

When delegates gathered in Dubai just a fortnight ago for the opening of COP28, the chances of progress seemed slim, but these oil state climate talks delivered a transition away from fossil fuels that no previous COP managed to achieve.


COP28 ends with call to “transition away from fossil fuels”

The final COP28 document marks a historic first: an explicit call to end the era of fossil fuels. But experts say the text also includes weak language and loopholes.

Al Jaber

COP28: OPEC votes against fossil fuel phase out

OPEC members are against including the phase-out of fossil fuels in the agreement expected to be announced at the end of COP28.


800 leaders to COP28 president: “Later is too late”

In a letter to COP28 President Sultan Al Jaber, they called for an “orderly phase out of all fossil fuels in a just & equitable way, in line with a 1.5C trajectory.”


Global Stocktake is the vehicle for climate action: U.N. exec

A text is on the table for Global Stocktake negotiators at COP28 to finalize, but so far, it looks dreamy and scattered.