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Saudi Arabia’s net zero goals in the spotlight

Saudi Aramco says it hopes to achieve net zero SCOPE-1 and SCOPE-2 greenhouse gas emissions across its fully owned operations by 2050, but warns that achieving this in less than three decades will not be easy.

Report calls for staggered end to oil & gas

By 2030, rich countries which produce over a third of the world’s oil and gas must slash output by 74%, the report says.

Oman takes giant step towards energy transition

Against a backdrop of declining crude production, the Omani government has partnered with BP to target the widespread exploitation of renewables and hydrogen.

Ukraine war prompts new Europe energy plan

Moving with a speed that few observers would have previously thought possible, the EU on March 8 laid out its new energy strategy with a target to cut reliance on Russian gas by two thirds within a year.

Big Oil grapples with net zero, shareholder activists

It began as the International Energy Agency (IEA) published a landmark report setting out what it will take for the world to reach net zero by 2050.