Emissions reduction

EU emissions reduction targets criticised for CCS reliance

Critics say the EU’s new emissions reduction strategy focuses too heavily on unproven carbon capture technologies.


Europe’s ambitious CCS plans attract criticism

Over-reliance on CCS in decarbonisation plans might prolong the role of fossil fuels in economies, experts warned.

EPA announces proposed methane emissions fee

The highly-anticipated policy will charge drillers for excess methane emissions.

Canadian gas

Canadian LNG project inks 20-year deal with Shell

A Canadian LNG project in northern British Columbia has agreed to a 20-year purchase agreement with Shell.

Methane leaks

Satellites: a game-changer for methane leak detection?

While using satellite imagery to quantify methane leaks from landfill sites, PhD student Emily Dowd made a remarkable discovery.

Building emissions

EU buildings emissions deal progress, but hurdles remain

With buildings responsible for around 40% of EU energy consumption, a new agreement to phase out fossil fuels buildings emissions marks progress.

Asia LNG

Research sounds alarm over SE Asia’s LNG development

The report confirms other recent studies that Southeast Asian LNG is not the environmentally-friendly green transition fuel once thought just a few years ago.


At COP28, fifty companies pledge to reduce emissions

Fifty countries including the UAE and Saudi Arabia signed an official charter that stipulates reducing carbon and methane emissions.


COP28 energy pledge stops short of tackling burning of fossil fuels

At COP28 in Dubai, 50 oil and gas companies pledged to stop contributing to greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.


Ahead of COP28, IEA calls for 60% fossil fuels emissions cut

The fossil fuel industry should commit at COP28 to reduce operational emissions by 60% to 2030, the IEA’s chief executive Fatih Birol said.


EU methane deal ups pressure on global leaders at COP28

A landmark EU deal this week to impose methane emissions limits on oil and gas imports into Europe should spur global action at COP28.

China LNG

China LNG deals come at an environmental cost

A number of large Chinese LNG deals come at a time when the government also claims the country is on its way to reach net zero by 2060.

Global Methane Hub

New satellite data a gamechanger: Global Methane Hub

A new generation of satellites starting in 2024 will provide unparalleled transparency on methane emissions, Marcelo Mena-Carrasco, CEO of the Global Methane Hub, said in a Gas Outlook interview.

social cost of carbon

U.S. government expands use of social cost of carbon

President Biden ordered federal agencies to expand their use of the social cost of carbon, which could have a big impact on a wide set of federal decisions affecting greenhouse gas emissions.

alberta renewable energy

Alberta renewable energy projects blocked

The fast-growing Alberta renewable energy sector is at risk, after the Canadian province recently slapped a moratorium on new projects.