Australian gas

New Australian gas strategy intensifies climate change divide

The government said the new Australian gas strategy was needed to help fuel domestic energy supply on its way to a target of 82 percent renewable energy by 2030, and eventually reaching net zero emissions by 2050.


Advocates pressure legislators to adopt NY HEAT Act

Despite broad support for the NY HEAT Act, which would reform utility law to accelerate electrification, the fate of the bill in the New York Assembly remains unclear, with just a few days left in the legislative session.


Advocates call for permanent ban on new U.S. LNG projects

Opponents of the U.S. LNG buildout on the Gulf Coast celebrated the Biden administration’s “pause” on new permitting earlier this year. But they say a temporary reprieve is not enough.

african climate

African petrostate gas investments face transition risk: African Climate Foundation

An African Climate Foundation report highlights the challenges for African petrostates in leveraging their gas resources and suggests prioritising renewables due to the transition risks.

net zero

UK to exceed 2037 emission targets by 37%, miss net zero goal: conference

The UK is set to exceed its GHG emissions target for the period 2033-2037 by 37%, a conference in London heard Tuesday.

Oman Petroleum and Energy Show

Energy transition to take longer than expected: official says at Oman Petroleum & Energy Show

Oman’s energy transition will take longer than expected, a government official said on the opening day of the Oman Petroleum and Energy Show.

Methane emissions from oil and gas 3x higher than official estimates: new study

Researchers recorded nearly 1 million measurements across major U.S. oil and gas production sites, and found methane emissions far higher than U.S. EPA data suggests.

U.S. SEC finalises new climate disclosure rules

The climate disclosure requirements are far weaker than originally outlined by the financial regulator two years ago.

shareholder activism

ExxonMobil lawsuit signals turning point in climate shareholder activism

The ExxonMobil lawsuit represents a first of its kind but is happening against the backdrop of a wider pushback against climate activism by energy companies.

Emissions reduction

EU emissions reduction targets criticised for CCS reliance

Critics say the EU’s new emissions reduction strategy focuses too heavily on unproven carbon capture technologies.


Europe’s ambitious CCS plans attract criticism

Over-reliance on CCS in decarbonisation plans might prolong the role of fossil fuels in economies, experts warned.

EPA announces proposed methane emissions fee

The highly-anticipated policy will charge drillers for excess methane emissions.

Canadian gas

Canadian LNG project inks 20-year deal with Shell

A Canadian LNG project in northern British Columbia has agreed to a 20-year purchase agreement with Shell.

Methane leaks

Satellites: a game-changer for methane leak detection?

While using satellite imagery to quantify methane leaks from landfill sites, PhD student Emily Dowd made a remarkable discovery.

Building emissions

EU buildings emissions deal progress, but hurdles remain

With buildings responsible for around 40% of EU energy consumption, a new agreement to phase out fossil fuels buildings emissions marks progress.