About us

Gas Outlook provides insightful and incisive content about the energy transition of oil and gas companies and countries globally. We seek to bridge the gap between climate news and the fossil fuel industry, and serve as a resource for companies, policymakers and all those invested in the energy transition.

Gas Outlook receives philanthropic funding from the Meliore Foundation.

Our content is written by reputable energy and climate journalists. We are committed to producing industry-focused and neutral content that is free from bias.

Our editorial team

Sophie Davies

Sophie has been Editor of Gas Outlook since its launch in 2021. She previously worked as a journalist covering energy, finance and human stories at Thomson Reuters, the Thomson Reuters Foundation and S&P Global Platts. She is based in Barcelona.

Nicholas Cunningham

Nick is Gas Outlook's North America Correspondent. He has been covering the oil and gas sector for more than ten years, reporting on environmental, social, economic, and geopolitical developments. Nick is based in Portland, Oregon.

Miriam Malek

Miriam writes about the wider Middle East region for Gas Outlook. She has been reporting on oil, gas, energy policy and climate since 2014. Miriam is currently based in Berlin.

Samuel Ajala

Samuel is a climate and energy transition journalist and researcher based in Abuja, Nigeria. He writes about Nigeria and Africa more widely for Gas Outlook, and reports from energy conferences.

Patricia Garip

Patricia writes about natural resources, geopolitics, and social conflict, with datelines stretching from Newfoundland to Tierra del Fuego. She covers Latin America and the Caribbean for Gas Outlook, and currently heads the foreign press association of Chile.

M Azizur Rahman

Aziz is a Bangladeshi journalist who has been writing about energy and the environment over the past two decades. He is an alumni of East West Center and the Thomson Reuters Foundation. He covers India and Bangladesh for Gas Outlook.

Fatima Sadouki

Fatima has been researching and writing about gas and energy-related developments across several regions for more than 15 years. She writes about France, the Middle East and North Africa for Gas Outlook. She is currently based in France.

Beatrice Bedeschi

Beatrice has covered various roles at price reporting agencies, newswires and print and online media for the past two decades. A native Italian speaker, she is currently based in the UK. Beatrice writes mostly about Europe for Gas Outlook.

Anna Kachkova

Anna has over 15 years' experience covering the energy industry -- including oil and gas, renewables, power generation and energy transition topics -- and spent time living in Houston, Texas. She writes mostly about Europe for Gas Outlook. She is currently based in Edinburgh.

Andreas Walstad

Andreas has written extensively about energy issues for almost two decades. Dividing his time between London and Brussels, he has a special focus on energy policy and regulation. Andreas regularly speaks and moderates discussion panels at conferences. He writes about Europe for Gas Outlook.

Tim Daiss

Tim covers Asia for Gas Outlook. He has spent more than a decade conducting regulatory, geopolitical and market due diligence for energy companies in Southeast Asia. He’s also worked as a journalist and consultant. Originally from the U.S,. he is based in the Philippines.