M Azizur Rahman

Bangladesh LNG

Bangladesh LNG imports to treble: concerns mount

Energy experts and rights groups fear that mounting Bangladesh LNG import dependence might weaken its already strained economy.

Bangladesh wind

Bangladesh wind power gets kickstart on fossil fuel struggle

Bangladesh’s wind sector is being jumpstarted in an effort to cut the country’s reliance on unpredictable imported fossil fuels.

bangladesh electricity crisis

Bangladesh electricity crisis persists on fuel shortages

Acute load-shedding since late May due to a shortage of primary fuels to run power plants has led to the Bangladesh electricity crisis.

Bangladesh LNG

Cyclone Mocha exposes weakness of Bangladesh LNG

Bangladesh LNG facilities had to cease operations as preparations for Cyclone Mocha triggered an acute power and gas crisis, hampering businesses across the country.

bangladesh oil

Bangladesh oil tariff spike lures firms to solar

Higher Bangladesh oil and other fossil fuel tariffs are leading to greater installation of rooftop solar systems.

fossil fuel phaseout

Bangladesh oil firm Petrobangla struggles to pay for fossil fuels

Against a backdrop of the U.S. dollar crisis, state-run Bangladesh oil and gas firm Petrobangla is having trouble meeting its payments.

European LNG

Gas prices in Bangladesh spell return to LNG, volatility

High inflation and ‘abnormal’ hikes in gas prices in Bangladesh could lead to worker unrest in the garment industry, and greater energy poverty, experts say.


Bangladesh fast-tracks renewable energy

Bangladesh has initiated a fast-track move to award new contracts to generate around 1,000 MW of electricity from renewable energy and bring it online within the next year and a half to meet growing demand for electricity without using fossil fuels.