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alberta renewable energy

Alberta renewable energy projects blocked

The fast-growing Alberta renewable energy sector is at risk, after the Canadian province recently slapped a moratorium on new projects.

emissions cap

Canada prepares emissions cap for oil and gas sector

After repeatedly missing climate targets in recent years, Canada’s oil and gas sector emissions cap could be “groundbreaking.” But the industry is fighting to weaken it.

LNG conference seen as “branding” exercise

With climate disasters ravaging much of North America, the world’s largest LNG conference took place in Vancouver in mid-July. Some protested as gas companies announced deals to expand LNG.

British Columbia LNG

British Columbia LNG drive may wreck climate targets: report

The Canadian province has a target to cut emissions by 40 percent by 2030. But the scramble to export British Columbia’s LNG to Asia could make that impossible.

Indigenous Rights violations

Nuns want Citigroup to report Indigenous rights violations

A shareholder resolution filed by a Catholic religious order would require the U.S. banking giant to report how its financial relationships with oil and gas companies may lead to Indigenous Rights violations.

LNG suppliers

The risks of “hydrogen-ready” LNG infrastructure claims

Some policymakers are promising that gas and LNG infrastructure will be used for hydrogen in the future. But “hydrogen-ready” claims are misleading, and risk undermining climate targets.


PetroEcuador struggles to tap Amazon oil after ejecting NSE

Two patches of oil-producing acreage operated by PetroEcuador in the Amazon jungle of eastern Ecuador shed light on the growing political and environmental risks of extracting fossil fuels that account for the bulk of the country’s export revenue.

kansas keystone pipeline

Keystone pipeline spills oil in Kansas

The Keystone spill in Kansas is the latest in a history of accidents for the beleaguered pipeline.

Quebec is first jurisdiction to ban oil and gas. Will there be more?

A handful of governments have decided to restrict oil and gas development. But climate targets mean that many more will need to follow.

Is Canada’s oil and gas emissions target enough?

After years of allowing the oil and gas sector to avoid emissions targets, Canada announced that it would impose a cap on the industry. But is it enough?

Is Canada’s first major LNG project also its last?

British Columbia has high hopes for LNG growth, but some warn that say rising costs, policy changes and market risk could doom many projects.