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“Nation-leading” order: Massachusetts tells gas utilities to electrify

Utility regulators rejected renewable natural gas and hydrogen as climate solutions, and ordered gas utilities to align their investments with climate laws. That may force gas utilities towards electrification.


COP28: flurry of climate pledges, but phaseout showdown looms

In the first week of COP28, the U.S. and Canada announced or joined a long list of climate initiatives. But both countries, along with other major producers, are reluctant to commit to the larger task of phasing out fossil fuels.

IEA report

U.S. renewables beats fossil fuels on cost of energy

A cost-of-energy analysis of different sources of electricity generation shows that solar, wind, and batteries offer some of the cheapest sources of power on offer. Still, there are challenges slowing faster deployment.

exxonmobil algae biofuels

ExxonMobil algae biofuel exit does not deter investors

Bill Gates’ Breakthrough Energy Ventures has announced a new investment in a biofuels company, in spite of the ExxonMobil algae biofuel exit late last year But critics say the technology has long featured in oil industry greenwashing campaigns and is far from a commercial reality.

us climate change policy

Surprise midterm results boost U.S. climate change policy

An expected Republican wave did not materialize, which solidifies some U.S. climate change policy even as the U.S. needs more action to hit its targets.

Historic climate law will cut US emissions

Huge investments in renewable energy will accelerate transition, but climate justice advocates voice concerns about being left behind.