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climate litigation

Climate litigation win for elderly Swiss women sets global precedent

The climate litigation victory is significant for a country that has been warming at more than twice the global rate in recent years.

EU methane

Will new climate laws markedly reduce EU methane emissions?

The landmark legislation will require companies to measure and quantify both their source- and site-level EU methane emissions for the first time.


As UK approves Rosebank, fossil fuel polarisation grows

The Rosebank oil and gas field is one of the largest undeveloped discoveries in UK waters, estimated to hold 300 million barrels of oil.

Swiss climate

Swiss climate law approved amid calls for faster renewable rollout

Switzerland made a step forward in tackling climate change as the country passed a Climate Law which sets the goal of achieving Swiss climate neutrality by 2050.

Europe can replace Russian gas

Europe can replace Russian gas with renewables by 2028

A new report found that an ambitious plan for Europe to fully replace Russian gas in the next five years is “achievable and beneficial” to both energy security and the climate.

green gas

NGOs take EU Commission to court over green gas label

A group of NGOs has filed a case in the Court of Justice of the European Union over the EU Commission's 'green' gas label.


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عرض الكل

Activist shareholders target Shell

A group of 27 investors, including Europe’s largest asset manager, have filed a shareholder resolution that calls on Shell to align its operations with the Paris Climate agreement.

Ukraine war, prices jeopardize Thai climate goals

The Ukraine war and its impact on global energy prices is creating headwinds for Thailand and its climate goals.