Nnamdi Anyadike

Ukraine war prompts new Europe energy plan

Moving with a speed that few observers would have previously thought possible, the EU on March 8 laid out its new energy strategy with a target to cut reliance on Russian gas by two thirds within a year.

Will CCUS deliver on its promise?

A swathe of CCUS projects moved into the global pipeline last year which energy experts say could provide the breakthrough needed by an industry that has had a chequered start.

Is the shale gas ‘revolution’ over?

As energy companies and investors become increasingly aware of the need to make – and meet – climate targets, many are asking if the shine is coming off shale gas.

AI gives oil and gas industry an eco-boost

The role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other digital technologies in improving the environmental footprint of oil and gas firms is becoming ever more crucial.

Germany opts for ‘cleaner’ turquoise hydrogen

Recently, ‘turquoise’ hydrogen has come to the fore in Germany as a novel climate-friendly alternative but experts say there needs to be a coordinated EU development strategy.

Could Shell’s Cambo pull-out spell the end of North Sea oil?

Royal Dutch Shell took a landmark decision earlier this month to walk away from the Cambo oil field in the North Atlantic but is it too early to write off North Sea and other similar mature offshore provinces?