Oman energy

“Think like activists, act as engineers,” says BP petroleum engineer at Oman energy show

Oman's energy transition cannot happen without oil and gas still playing a role, delegates said at an Oman energy show this week.

Oman Petroleum and Energy Show

Hydrogen investment still faces hurdles: Oman Petroleum and Energy Show

There are still barriers to a full hydrogen value chain and economy taking off, delegates said at the Oman Petroleum and Energy Show.

Oman Petroleum and Energy Show

Energy transition to take longer than expected: official says at Oman Petroleum & Energy Show

Oman's energy transition will take longer than expected, a government official said on the opening day of the Oman Petroleum and Energy Show.


Uruguay’s offshore green hydrogen tender modelled on oil and gas: Ancap

In the upcoming tender, Ancap will offer four blocks for companies to install renewable energy to make green hydrogen.

Renewable energy

Surging renewable energy gives world “real chance” of hitting 2030 targets

Renewable energy expanded by 50 percent last year, and explosive growth is expected to continue this decade, according to the IEA. The switch to renewables is still not happening fast enough, but the tripling of capacity by 2030 is possible.


COP28: “Countries must remove obstacles” – U.N. exec

U.N. Executive Secretary Simon Stiell urged countries to remove obstacles in the COP28 negotiations or “risk ruining the outcome for everyone.”


Protests at COP28 demand an end to LNG support

Climate activists at COP28 are calling for a phasing out of fossil fuels such as LNG and for them to be replaced them with renewable sources such as wind and solar energy.


800 leaders to COP28 president: “Later is too late”

In a letter to COP28 President Sultan Al Jaber, they called for an “orderly phase out of all fossil fuels in a just & equitable way, in line with a 1.5C trajectory.”


COP28: Spain, Kenya and Samoa join Beyond Oil and Gas Alliance

Spain joined the alliance against gas and oil that it rejected two years ago. Kenya and Samoa also joined, it was announced at COP28.


COP28 day two: what is the ‘Building Block’ project?

Negotiators have begun to address one of the most important tasks of COP28, the global stocktake assessment process.

IEA report

Renewable additions to post record 2023 increase: IEA report

Renewable energy capacity additions are set to increase by a record 107 GW year on year to reach 440 GW globally in 2023, an IEA report said.

Faith Birol

“Moment of truth” for oil and gas industry – IEA’s Faith Birol

The head of the International Energy Agency Faith Birol said that the oil and gas industry needs to slash emissions from its operations and show that it is serious at the COP28 summit.

ecopetrol colombia

Ecopetrol eyes “white” hydrogen in Colombia

Hydrogen is a strategic pillar in the energy transition plans of state-controlled Ecopetrol in Colombia and now the firm is exploring the potential of the "white" variety.


Ecopetrol touts promise of Caribbean for gas, green energy

State-controlled Ecopetrol believes the marriage of gas development and renewable power would help Colombia to meet growing gas demand while shifting more of its power generation to renewable sources.

colombia oil and gas

Colombia braces for oil and gas phase-out decision

The oil and gas industry in Colombia is on tenterhooks as the government decides whether to allow new exploration contracts or not, as it moves away from fossil fuels.