NOG Energy Week

Nigerian LNG up for debate as NOG Energy Week 2024 approaches

Nigeria Oil & Gas (NOG) Energy Week 2024 opens in Abuja later this month, at a time when questions are being asked about Nigeria’s LNG sector.

gas demand

EU has enough gas to last through 2040; gas demand in long-term decline

With gas demand in Europe in long-term decline, the EU has access to sufficient supplies in both the short and long-term. That means that contracts for additional LNG are not needed, and only increase stranded asset risk.

Nigeria LNG

Nigeria LNG production risks economic instability, stranded assets: report

Nigeria's LNG expansion risks economic instability, stranded assets, and perpetuating fossil fuel dependency, according to a new report.

Rio Grande LNG

Rio Grande LNG receives Gulf State investment, giving momentum to proposed expansion

The UAE’s Adnoc took a stake in Rio Grande LNG, a controversial gas export project currently under construction on Texas’ southern coast. Saudi Aramco is also reportedly considering an investment.

German gas

Private investment key in reducing German gas dependence: paper

Businesses could cut industrial natural gas consumption by more than 50 percent with investments of €9.5 billion, a new paper estimates.

clean cooking

World leaders, private sector commit $2.2 billion towards clean cooking in Africa

The European Union agreed at the summit to mobilise 400 million euros for clean cooking activities in Africa.

Paris agreement

Global banks inject $7 trillion into fossil fuels since Paris Agreement

A new report finds that global financial institutions have continued to invest in oil, gas, and coal at elevated levels since the Paris Agreement, despite calls to accelerate the energy transition.

gas flaring

Gas flaring in Iraq: BP faces legal action over death of young man

An Iraqi man’s son died of leukemia a year ago. He says that BP’s excessive gas flaring in southern Iraq is the cause, and he is seeking damages from the British oil giant.


Suriname joins rush to produce gas before demand fades

Suriname is estimated to have 17 trillion cubic feet of gas reserves, which if proven would surpass those of Mexico and Brazil.

U.S. gas

Record warm winter leaves U.S. gas glut

U.S. gas prices have crashed as a result of an unusually warm winter. Government data expects conditions of oversupply to continue through next year.

Oman Petroleum and Energy Show

Middle Eastern LNG expansion in spotlight on cusp of Oman Petroleum & Energy Show

The Oman Petroleum & Energy Show opens later this month against a backdrop of shifting allegiances in the LNG sector, with Persian Gulf State oil giants eyeing the global stage.


Arpel-Naturgas Week: Pursuit of Venezuelan gas won’t breach sanctions, says Ecopetrol

Future imports from Venezuela align with the Colombian government’s strategy, the chief executive of Ecopetrol told conference delegates.

global LNG

Methane import taxes could influence global LNG market

A new report finds that EU levies on imported methane could help clean up gas operations, but may also lead to a two-tiered global LNG market.

Canadian gas

Canadian LNG project inks 20-year deal with Shell

A Canadian LNG project in northern British Columbia has agreed to a 20-year purchase agreement with Shell.

appalachian gas

Appalachian gas growth comes to an end – study

The U.S. region powered the shale gas boom for over a decade. But pipeline constraints mean that production growth of Appalachian gas is stalling out.