shareholder activism

ExxonMobil lawsuit signals turning point in climate shareholder activism

The ExxonMobil lawsuit represents a first of its kind but is happening against the backdrop of a wider pushback against climate activism by energy companies.

EU methane

Will new climate laws markedly reduce EU methane emissions?

The landmark legislation will require companies to measure and quantify both their source- and site-level EU methane emissions for the first time.

Shell Nigeria

Shell Nigeria divestment raises environmental, legal concerns

Shell has sold its Nigerian subsidiary to a local consortium for $2.4 billion, exiting onshore, prompting experts to raise environmental and legal concerns.

Biden slams brakes on new U.S. LNG approvals

The White House said it was freezing permit approvals for all new proposed U.S. LNG export projects, citing a need to overhaul the regulatory process. Climate groups called it a “massive win.”

Uganda energy

Oil pipeline detracts from Uganda energy transition: experts

Uganda’s new energy transition plan marks progress but emissions reductions efforts could be complicated by the planned East African Crude Oil Pipeline, experts told Gas Outlook.


New wave of U.S. LNG could be delayed by Biden

There is commercial momentum for another half dozen U.S. LNG projects, according to analysts. But environmental groups are ratcheting up the pressure on President Biden to halt new permits.


COP28 ends with call to “transition away from fossil fuels”

The final COP28 document marks a historic first: an explicit call to end the era of fossil fuels. But experts say the text also includes weak language and loopholes.


U.S.-China host methane summit, but fossil fuel phaseout needed

The U.S. and China are holding an event at COP28 on methane emissions. While progress on methane is welcome, experts warn that the reluctance to curb fossil fuel production is making the methane crisis worse.


COP28 opens in Dubai: what topics take priority and what next?

The COP28 summit opened today with a decision to discuss financing the loss and damage fund, in the hope of reaching an agreement before moving onto more complex topics.


New study finds overwhelming evidence of harms from fracking

A review of the scientific literature reveals enormous public health, environmental, and climate damage from fracking. Authors say that “no rules or regulations can make these practices safe.”


As UK approves Rosebank, fossil fuel polarisation grows

The Rosebank oil and gas field is one of the largest undeveloped discoveries in UK waters, estimated to hold 300 million barrels of oil.

social cost of carbon

U.S. government expands use of social cost of carbon

President Biden ordered federal agencies to expand their use of the social cost of carbon, which could have a big impact on a wide set of federal decisions affecting greenhouse gas emissions.


Environmentalists hope for fossil fuel phaseout at COP 28

EU Member States are planning to push for a global phase-out of fossil fuels at COP 28, but there are concerns that the oil and gas lobby will derail progress.

African crude

Intercepted stolen Nigerian crude sparks environmental concern

Security operatives set ablaze a vessel with 800,000 litres of stolen Nigerian crude oil, sparking environmental concerns.

Dangote Refinery

Nigeria’s Dangote Refinery launches, net zero in jeopardy

Following the launch of the Dangote Refinery, aimed at making Nigeria become a petroleum exporter, experts have raised concerns over possible drawbacks on net zero goals and its environmental impact on residents.