Security of Supply

Iran gas

Middle East tensions rise after Iran gas pipelines burst

The Iran gas pipeline attacks point to escalating tensions in the region.

Eastern Mediterranean

Eastern Mediterranean gas in spotlight amid Gaza conflict

The ongoing conflict in Gaza has led to questions over the risk to existing and new natural gas projects in the Eastern Mediterranean.

energy in italy

New Italy PM eyes domestic energy security

Boosting national gas and renewables production are among the energy pledges of the new government in Italy led by far-right leader Giorgia Meloni, which was sworn in on October 22.

Ukraine war boosts Danish ‘energy islands’ plan

Denmark’s plans to export renewables to North West Europe via energy islands in the North and Baltic Seas are beginning to look increasingly promising following growing political support to tackle energy security and volatile prices due to the Ukraine war.

EU partial ban on Russian oil ramps up supply pressure

After haggling with Hungary for weeks, the deal exempts oil shipped by pipeline.

Europe holds its breath as Russia cuts gas to 3 nations

Poland, Bulgaria and Finland are the first EU nations to see Russian gas deliveries completely cut off after the invasion of Ukraine, but others may soon follow as Moscow insists on payment in rubles and launches counter-sanctions against the West.

Sanctions put Russia’s Arctic LNG on tenterhooks, says expert

As a result of western sanctions on Russia, there will be almost no new supply from Arctic LNG in 2024 and 2025, he said.

Fossil fuel demand not supply needs cutting, says report

Wood Mackenzie makes five key points that governments and business should consider as they grapple with the twin challenges of energy security and meeting emissions reductions targets.

Ukraine war reignites US oil debate

Calls for more oil production in the U.S. are growing louder following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. But after years of losing money from aggressive drilling, companies are reluctant to return to old ways.

Global buyers start to shun Russian oil after U.S. ban

The U.S. ban on Russian oil imports may not mean all that much at first glance. But a combination of sanctions and ‘self-sanctions’ by companies globally is already disrupting the flow of Russian oil.