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Group of Democrats call on Biden to scrutinize LNG exports

In a letter to the U.S. Department of Energy, dozens of members of Congress criticized the agency’s approval of so many new LNG projects. They called for more rigorous scrutiny, citing negative climate and economic impacts.

hydrogen hubs

Biden Administration’s $7bn hydrogen hubs bring climate risk

The U.S. grants for several blue “hydrogen hub” concepts risk promoting a dirty and expensive technology, critics say. But upcoming hydrogen subsidy rules could still build a cleaner green hydrogen industry.

carbon pipelines

Some U.S. Democrats call for moratorium on new carbon pipelines

With government support for carbon capture and sequestration, a building boom is in the works for new CO2 pipelines. But potential pipeline ruptures pose safety hazards and some lawmakers are calling for a halt in permitting.

gas demand

Gas demand could peak sooner than thought, research shows

The IEA recently revised down its gas demand forecast by 40 percent due to the war in Ukraine. Experts see a peak in gas demand just over the horizon.

ConocoPhillips agrees to buy LNG from Mexico Pacific

The deal between ConocoPhillips and Mexico Pacific adds further momentum to export Permian gas to Asia, via the Pacific Coast of Mexico.

shipping emissions

EU shipping emissions jump as LNG tankers pack European ports

Shipping emissions jumped 3 percent in 2022, mostly driven by a doubling of emissions from LNG tankers in European waters.

Venture Global litigation highlights risky LNG market: experts

Arbitration cases being brought against the U.S. LNG exporter Venture Global are highlighting the risks faced by contract buyers.

Rio Grande LNG receives final investment decision

The massive gas export facility Rio Grande LNG includes the largest greenfield project financing deal in U.S. history, but the export terminal threatens the Texas coast and will lock in climate pollution for years to come.


German imports contribute to U.S. LNG expansion

The push for gas supplies is leading to rapid construction of U.S. LNG export terminals on the Gulf Coast, threatening the coastal environment and climate targets, according to critics. Germany is playing a big role in the buildout.

appalachian gas

Appalachian gas growth comes to an end – study

The U.S. region powered the shale gas boom for over a decade. But pipeline constraints mean that production growth of Appalachian gas is stalling out.

us gas

U.S. gas surplus keeps prices down

Drilling activity has slowed with ample levels of U.S. gas sitting in storage.

fossil fuel dark money

U.S. Senate hearing looks at fossil fuel dark money

A Senate panel scrutinized the flood of money in politics. Experts say fossil fuel dark money continues to slow climate action.

climate damages

U.S. county sues ExxonMobil and others for climate damages

A county in Oregon named ExxonMobil and more than a dozen other defendants for $52 billion in climate damages related to a catastrophic 2021 heat wave.

gas stoves

Gas stoves emit benzene equivalent to secondhand smoke

Benzene is a known human carcinogen, with clear links to cancer. A new study finds alarming levels of benzene emitted from normally-functioning gas stoves.

climate risk

U.S. Senate Committee probes insurance giants for climate risk

As insurance companies withdraw from disaster-prone areas, a Senate Committee sent a sharply-worded letter to seven insurance companies, accusing them of insuring fossil fuel projects and contributing to climate risk and a crisis that is now putting financial pressure on their own industry.

Rio Grande LNG

TotalEnergies invests in controversial Rio Grande LNG

The French oil giant announced a significant investment in Rio Grande LNG, which could push the U.S. project forward into construction. As Gas Outlook previously reported, the project poses environmental risks to the Texas coast.

Mountain Valley Pipeline

U.S. okays Mountain Valley Pipeline in unprecedented move

Debt negotiations resulted in the approval of the Mountain Valley Pipeline, an unusual move that shows a “failure of governance” and “a lack of integrity in the whole process,” according to critics.

environmental racism

Do “carbon-centric” fixes worsen environmental racism?

A peer-reviewed paper says climate solutions that only cut emissions — like carbon capture or carbon offsets — will do nothing to address longstanding U.S. environmental racism. Instead, a fossil fuel phaseout and a more comprehensive set of solutions is needed.

u.s. lng exports

Higher U.S. LNG exports drive up prices

A forecast by the EIA shows U.S. LNG exports rising in the years to come. The more gas that is exported, the higher domestic prices rise.

New U.S. LNG policy could leave struggling projects behind

For years, proposed U.S. LNG projects could count on the government to extend their export licenses. But a recent policy change means extensions may be harder to come by, leaving delayed LNG projects stuck on the drawing board.