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Fossil fuel demand not supply needs cutting, says report

Wood Mackenzie makes five key points that governments and business should consider as they grapple with the twin challenges of energy security and meeting emissions reductions targets.

EU spends €44 bn on Russian fossil fuels since start of war

Russia has exported an estimated 63 billion euros worth of fossil fuels since the beginning of the Ukraine war, a new study shows. The EU imported 71% of this, highlighting the challenge Europe is facing in weaning itself off Russian energy – and gas in particular.

Is Canada’s oil and gas emissions target enough?

After years of allowing the oil and gas sector to avoid emissions targets, Canada announced that it would impose a cap on the industry. But is it enough?

War-driven green transition stalls in Asia

While Europe is partly accelerating low-carbon programmes to wean itself off Russian energy in the light of the Ukraine war, the picture in Asia is more mixed, with many still associating reliable energy with fossil fuels.

Ukraine war, prices jeopardize Thai climate goals

The Ukraine war and its impact on global energy prices is creating headwinds for Thailand and its climate goals.

Saudi Arabia’s net zero goals in the spotlight

Saudi Aramco says it hopes to achieve net zero SCOPE-1 and SCOPE-2 greenhouse gas emissions across its fully owned operations by 2050, but warns that achieving this in less than three decades will not be easy.

Ukraine war reignites US oil debate

Calls for more oil production in the U.S. are growing louder following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. But after years of losing money from aggressive drilling, companies are reluctant to return to old ways.

Oil industry dealt procedural losses on climate litigation cases

A U.S. case brought against the oil industry was just sent back to state court, a scenario that the oil industry has spent years fighting to prevent. But whether climate litigation cases will move forward remains to be seen.

Is ESG really starving the oil and gas industry of capital?

Some in the oil industry are blaming heightened investor concern over environmental issues as a cause for a shrinking pool of capital, which is leading to supply problems, but experts say the causes are multi-faceted.